Austin 7 Ruby Saloon from 1935 - HH 8507

I first saw the car in 1965 when I was at University in Newcastle upon Tyne. A friend who lived near York, owned it and in addition to daily running about in Newcastle, she used it regularly to travel home at weekends.

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She finally sold it to a work colleague who bought it for his wife to use. Two years later the wife had not driven it, and it came back on the market. The asking price was £50, but on inspection the owner could not get it started and so I paid £47.10.0d. (Plus £7 for the ten mile transport from Morpeth to Forest Hall.)
In those days (1969) I did not have the money to pay the road tax, and waited about a month before I could drive it. From then on it became daily transport, summer and winter. I remember driving it with the windscreen freezing up both inside and outside. But driving it was fun. The engine seemed ok, perhaps a bit rough, and maybe the suspension was a bit hard. It slipped out of third gear (either on drive or on coasting, I forget which, but could be held in gear using the left knee.

Past owners of the car

Chassis 239,840
Engine 241,207
Manufactured October 1935
First registered 1 March 1936
Road tax to 31 December 1937 was £5 5/-
1 1 Mar 1936 Messrs Henderson & Sons Ltd Company car kept in Carlise Slateford Road, Edinburgh
2 29 Dec 1937 Thomas Powell Johnson Yearngill Aspatria, Cumberland
3 23 May 1939 Thomas Ridley Armstrong 55 Know Park Avenue Stanwix, Carlisle
4 1 Feb 1941 Dias & Co Lowther Street Carlisle
5 11 Feb 1941 Robert William Charters East Ayre Torpenhow, Carlisle
6 7 Jul 1941 Harry Christian Yedmandale Cottager West Ayton, Scarborough
7 6 Jun 1942 Eric Webb Application for use refused by Northern Division Keldy of Petroleum Department 18 Mar 1943. Laid up Moor Lane, East Ayton until April 1946.
8 30 Apr 1946 Herbert John Nash 22 St Johns Road Scarborough
9 7 Oct 1946 Geoffrey Stare Ebor The Cresent, Filey
10 27 Mar 1947 RG Remies Coachfields Well Lane, Bridlington
11 Central Garage Repainted Black South Crescent Filey
12 18 Jul 1947 JA Magson Ltd 9-11 St Saviour Gate York
13 16 Feb 1949 Thomas Henry Morrell 10 Heathfield Road Millfiled Lane, York
14 4 Apr 1962 Harry Braithwaite 2 Dundee Street York
15 5 Apr 1962 Judith A Blundy Copmanthorpe York
16 10 Nov 1966 Margaret Blake Roselea Longhorseley Morpeth Northumberland
17 4 Aug 1969 Keith Anderson 8 Conifer Court Forest Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne
18 1 Sep 1992 Keith Anderson Present owner 54a Rue de Lausanne CH-1110, Morges Switzerland

Article and Image © Keith Anderson