1926 Bean 14

2,385cc Tourer

Manufactured by-:

A Harper, Son and Bean Ltd Of Dudley, Tipton and Smethwick, England. (Known as the Black Country).

This 1926 Bean was purchased by John Sear in 1956 who sold it to a Rex Tapley in 1961. It is this car that prompted Rex to start The Bean Car Club, with other Bean owners. Whilst in the Tapley's ownership it was registered in Joan Tapley's name (Rex's wife).

The car was sold back to John Sear after a year. He then used it for club events and weddings.

John Sear sold the car to me (Chris Lovelock) in December 2006 although complete the car was in a sorry state (see pictures) after 34 years in an open sided barn, I called it barn fresh!

After a complete rebuild it did a trip from Reading (west of London) to Shetland via Orkney in June 2008 without any problems.

The car has some unusual features:

I just wished it had power assisted steering.

This car was in Morges 5th October 2013.

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